How we met Alice

Alice Choo's story reads like a film script. Only 15 years old when she ran away from home, her mother had raised her in a Tokyo suburb – she never got to know her father, who was reportedly close to the Yakuza. Pursuing her first great passion, art, Alice moved to Hong Kong where at art school she met photographer and tattoo artist Paul Chan. She became his muse, his preferred motif, his lover, only to be deserted by him. 

With little money in her pocket, Alice travelled to Paris where she found her true love, gastronomy, and with it a young chef running a restaurant in the fourth arrondissement. Their love lasted so Alice stayed in Paris, until she fell in love with a guitarist from New York and moved to Brooklyn. To make a living she started working as a burlesque dancer, making more money than ever before in the city’s best clubs. Night after night she worked on her dream: her own restaurant. A dream she’d eventually turn into a reality in her hometown a few years after the turn of the millennium.

The story might have ended there had she not met Francesco, Sébastien and Frank while drinking a Lao Khao while on a Bangkok business trip. After the last glass in the early hours of the morning she could barely stand up, but their joint idea was born: an Alice Choo restaurant with a bar and club in a top location in Zurich.